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Lowering Interchange Fees.

Making sure our merchant partners get the lowest possible rate on each transaction in order to grow your business.

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Our mission is to help merchants grow.

Processor Mediation

We designed mobiMicro with the merchants in mind. Not the banks and credit card companies.


Our backend system allows you to get the lowest rate through competition. Not a sales person. Our technology allows merchants to swap processors in real time ensuring the lowest rate for every transaction through your website or mobile app.


Pass on the savings to your customers.


Every Transaction is Different!

There are 1.5 billion different credit cards in use in the United States!


Did you know: Every card has a different rate when a customer uses it to make a purchase. That’s a lot of variables.


Our technology optimizes the issuing banks and credit card companies in real time to ensure you’re getting the best rate imaginable.

Full Stack Payment Features

White Label Checkouts
1 Click Checkout
Fraud Protection
Accounting Integrations
And More.

Professional Support

We take pride in our service to be absolutely the best. We’ll make recommendations to help your business far beyond mobiMicro’s platform.

True Growth

Maximize your return from every transaction. Pass the savings onto your loyal customers.

Who are we?

Expertise across the board
Wonny Lee
CEO. Strategy & Business Relationships.
Cary Torkelson
CTO. Backend Technology.
Jason Rapport
Creative Director. Frontend Design & Experience.
Andrew Tu
VP of Operations. Bank & Credit Relationships.

Free for Merchants. No Hidden Fees.

We are determined to be the future of payments - helping you focus on selling to your customers

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Our Story

How we got here

The very first design of mobiMicro was actually an open mobile API that would allow anyone with a mobile device to donate $1.00 to a charity of their choice. We learned very quickly, a simple “2.9% + $0.30 transaction fee” equals 32.9% for each dollar going to someone in need! This was a problem both economically and ethically so we set out to create our own solution.


We see an industry that is long overdue for disruption. Fail or succeed – it’s necessary. 


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